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NTX Goldens

Breeders of English Golden Retrievers

Located in the foothills of the Pocono Mountains (1 1/2 hrs northwest of Philadelphia PA, 1 1/2 hrs west of Newark NJ, and 2 hrs west of New York NY), NTX Goldens is a veteran owned and operated kennel-free in-home breeding program for AKC registered English Golden Retrievers (commonly referred to as English Creams). We take great pride in what we do, and put tons of effort into raising companions that will enrich the lives of those who make our puppies part of their families. It's one of the reasons our puppies are raised utilizing Puppy Culture Protocols. Although our family has 25+ years of breeding experience with a variety of dogs, here at NTX Goldens we exclusively breed English Golden Retrievers to English Golden Retrievers. Sorry, we do not mix breeds. If that is what you're looking for, we highly recommend adopting from a local shelter.


It’s not surprising that Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States. Along with being exuberant and friendly, they are strong dogs and hard workers. Retrievers are good at whatever they do, be it hunting, serving as guide dogs, working search-and-rescue, or being devoted companions. Though they are serious about their work, your Retriever wants nothing more from life than to please you. The original strain of Golden Retrievers can be traced back to Scotland in the 1850's.


With NTX Goldens, you'll find everything you need in a breeder. Whether you're looking for that first fur-baby or adding another to your pack, we can accommodate just about anything.

Trying to do the impossible
Will sit for treats
Sally on back of couch
Puppies Drinking Water
Dam, Daisy
Star standing
Golden Puppies
Rudy and Stella
How adorable
Sally on the back of the couch
Sally in her new vest
Retriever Puppies
Dam, Sally_edited
Dam, Sally
Stella sitting_edited
Stella sitting
Star puppy count 28Oct2021
Our handsome Stud, Kodiak
Dam, Cheyenne
Cheyenne~Kodiak Litter Puppies with coll
Who said you have to share?
Wanna take a nap with us?
Just a puppy
puppy litter Jan 2019
Puppy protecting toy
Sire, King (retired)
Violet w/ puppies
We are such hansome boys
Doggy Daycare
Like mother, like daughter
Black at 6 weeks
Do you love me?
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Pet Belong

Take your training, walking, or even hunting with your dog to the next level with PET BELONG dog gear. They have everything from no-pull harnesses, to leashes, to patches. They even have gift cards available. Use the code "NTXGoldens" at checkout for a 15% discount on your purchase.

Click the link or scan QR Code for direct access to PET BELONG.

We are always asked what we feed our Retrievers. Here at NTX Goldens, we exclusively feed all our Retrievers pawTree dog food. Why pawTree? First, it's made in the USA. Second, our Retrievers love it. They became picky eaters with our previous dog food. Once we switched to pawTree, they're no longer picky and gobble down every last piece. Plus, there's flavor packets to sprinkle on the food to make it taste different. This gives our Retrievers a variety of taste with the confidence knowing that we are fueling their bodies with the proper nutrition needed to support optimal health and vitality. But pawTree doesn't just stop at dog food and seasonings. They also have health and wellness products, treats, gifts, grooming line, Paw Club, etc...

Click the link or scan the QR Code for direct access to pawTree.

pawTree QR Code
pawTree Paw Club
pawTree Satisfaction Guarantee
Made with Love in the USA
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Free Worldwide Shipping
Money Back Guarantee
Sally in her new vest

Sally loves her vest and custom patches 

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